The ugly truth about Webcasts

There are good, bad and ugly Webcasts. Good Webcasts attract and hold large audiences and can radically upgrade people’s impressions of your company and its offerings. Bad Webcasts are boring. They don’t attract much of an audience in the first place and those people who do show up leave quickly once they see that it’s a bad Webcast. It takes only a fraction of a second to click on a button that takes you somewhere else, leaving a bad Webcast far behind.

Ugly Webcasts aren’t just boring, they give the viewer a negative impression of your company and its products or services. How might that happen? It’s easy. Imagine going to the local used-car lot and hiring one of the salespeople on that lot to present your Webcast. It’ll get ugly quickly. Somehow, many marketers turn into used-car salespeople as soon as they start to create a Webcast.


Don’t let it happen to you!

Webcasts make your polished presentations available with voice and graphics over the Web. They are live events with questions and answers and the entire even can then be archived for later viewing...months or years later. Webcasts are a great way to get in front of prospects with large amounts of information. If the information is highly technical and complex, a Webcast is a great way to hold prospects’ hands while helping the prospects develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of your company and its offerings.

You can use Webcasts for many purposes:

  • Marketing – Use Webcasts to introduce new products, product-line extensions, or associated services.
  • Training – Use webcasts for training and seminars to help existing customers make better use of the products and services they buy from your company without the headaches and expense of moving trainers from location to location.
  • Online lectures and Distance Learning – Deliver live courses on the Web to help develop the market for your company’s offerings.
  • Communications – Hold live team meetings, briefings, online events or course promotions.
  • Knowledge Management – Capture expert presentations and project briefings to build and share knowledge across your organization or your customer base.
  • Conferences – Capture keynote speakers and hold online breakout sessions with remote participation.

In addition, Webcasting is easy for presenters to use – there’s no need to modify the way they present. They can simply plug in to the Webcasting system and let it do the work. Presenters can concentrate on their content and not on the “production.”

You can host live or archived presentations. Presentations are available via web browsers at any time and anywhere.

  • It’s cost-effective. Content can be preserved and re-used
  • It’s versatile. Webcasting systems can capture and integrate a wide range of content and digital formats.
  • It’s easy for the end users. Participants don’t need anything more than a web browser and media viewer.
  • It’s global. Your Webcast reaches anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Although there are many companies offering Webcasting services, few can help you develop the content. I can. I’ve given dozens of successful Webcasts. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to market the Webcast beforehand to maximize the number of viewers.

Wouldn’t this be a good time to call me at (408) 910-5992 or email me at steven.leibson@gmail.com for a free Webcast consultation?



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