The Revolution Will Be Televised

Test PatternThe Internet has changed the ways we consume video. YouTube has forever shrunk the size of the TV picture even in the age of HDTV. A $100 Flip camcorder and inexpensive video-editing software can put several minutes of entertaining, high-content, persuasive video within easy reach of thousands or millions of your prospects.

At the same time, the world consumes video like never before. Anything and everything is a suitable subject. Training classes formerly done intermittently and in person at great expense for travel and for the hiring of a conference room can now be presented at no cost over the Internet at any time. Such are the changes in video taking place today.

Like all content projects, video presentations can be compelling and terrific or stupid and boring. Themost successful marketing projects become viral. The other kind sit in well-deserved obscurity. chances are your company needs to convey many different sorts of information that are ideal for video.


Don’t let it happen to you!

You can use online video for many purposes:

  • Interview interesting technical people in your R&D or engineering groups about new advances in technology and how these advances have the potential to change industries.
  • Conduct a Q&A with your manufacturing manager who can discuss how your company or industry has changed manufacturing processes to lower costs and speed production. You could have the manager walk the factory floor while talking for added production values and interest.
  • Have two or three of your best customers explain why they do business with your company and, in particular, how your products or services solved their business challenges.
  • Have your most gregarious sales person invite people to your company’s booth at the next key tradeshow.
  • Turn your data sheet PDFs into video data sheets and make them live.
  • If you host a fun event like a party at a trade show, shoot video of your prospects and customers having fun, edit the video, add some music, and upload it.
  • Create a “different” sort of commercial if your corporate culture will support it.
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To read the story of how I starred as Leonard Nimoy’s technical expert on TV and what I learned about B2B video from that experience, click here.

You can host video on your own Web site or use the free providers such as YouTube and Viddler. Your videos and the information in them will be available via web browsers at any time and anywhere.

Online video is:

  • Very cost-effective. Content can be preserved and re-used
  • Very versatile. You can create simple Youtube videos or produce content capable of winning Academy Awards. It’s up to you based on your goals and your budget.
  • Very available. Viewers need nothing more than a web browser and media viewer.
  • Widespread. Internet video can reach people anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Although there are many companies offering video production services for the Internet, few can help you develop the content, particularly technical content. I can. I’ve given dozens of successful online presentations. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to market your video to maximize the number of viewers.

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