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Steve Leibson is a technology and marketing consultant for EDA and high-tech electronics firms. He’s been involved with content creation for systems, semiconductor, EDA, and software companies for more than three decades and has won awards for his writing. Steve advocates a “tell it like it is” writing style that grabs technical readers and gains their trust and respect by connecting with them on a visceral level. Steve excels at finding the unique aspect to a product and making it relevant to the target audience. Steve’s writing sticks to the bones.

Steve served as the Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Planning at Xilinx, a top-25 semiconductor vendor, from 2012 through 2018. He also wrote the Xilinx Xcell Daily blog. Previously, Steve served as Technology Evangelist and Strategic Marketing Manager for microprocessor IP vendor Tensilica, Inc. where he wrote dozens of white papers and articles and authored two books on SOC design. He also wrote chapters for many more technical books about system design and presented many successful Webinars that drew hundreds of valuable leads, and has spoken at key industry conferences as an invited speaker and keynoter.





“Steve made Tensilica look much bigger than it actually is by coming up with great ideas for web seminars, white papers, articles, trade show events, and other things that made Tensilica stand out in the crowd. He's not only an idea man, but he can execute on those ideas down to the smallest detail. He's a real team player as well as a strong individual contributor. He's an excellent communicator who really cares about getting the message across in the most effective manner.” — Paula Jones, Director of Marketing Communications, Tensilica, Inc.



“Steve is a true communicator. In all my years of working with Steve he has impressed me with his ability to explain the most complex topics in terms that are easily comprehended. Furthermore, he is a person of high ethics and credibility, a pleasure to work with.” — Markus Levy, President, EEMBC and the Multicore Association



“Steve is an immensely talented writer who possesses the rare ability to distill the most complex technical subjects to their essence so that they can be easily understood by a wide audience. And as a gifted public speaker, he brings immeasurable benefit to Tensilica's public image.” — Chris Jones, Director of Strategic Alliances, Tensilica, Inc.


Steve held the positions of Vice President of Content and Editor in Chief of the Microprocessor Report, Editor in Chief of EDN Magazine, and Founding Editor in Chief of Embedded Developers Journal magazine. He has written hundreds of technical articles and White Papers on a truly wide range of design topics that appeared in several electronics industry trade magazines and he has won many industry awards for his writing. He’s the author of Designing SOCs with Configured Cores, which is now being used as a university-level textbook.

Steve has presented many SOC-design Webinars and he both organized and served as master of ceremonies for the Microprocessor and Embedded Processor Forums. He holds a BSEE Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University and worked as a design engineer and engineering manager for leading-edge system-design companies including as Hewlett-Packard and Cadnetix before becoming a journalist. Leibson is an IEEE Senior Member.


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