The fastest way to become known as an expert on a subject is to write and publish a book about it. After all, as the saying goes: “He wrote the book on it.” That said, writing books—technical books anyway—is not a fast process. The last book I wrote completely on my own took six months of solid work. Non-technical books can take much less time to write. Some highly motivated individuals will tell you that they have written a book in a long weekend. Although that’s possible, there’s copyediting, layout, and printing that follows the burst of caffeine-fueled creative energy leading to that 3-day marathon.


Here are the books I’ve written or contributed to in my career:

Building ASIPs

Building ASIPS: The MESCAL Methodology, 2010 (co-author)

Embedded Systems Design and Verification

Embedded Systems Design and Verification, 2009 (co-author)

Hardware-dependent Software Principles and Practice

Hardware-Dependent Software: Principles and Practice, 2009 (co-author)

Processor Design

Processor Design: System-On-Chip Computing for ASICs and FPGAs, 2007 (co-author)

Designing SoCs with Configured Cores

Designing SOCs with Configured Cores, 2006 (author)

Customizable Embedded Processors

Customizable Embedded Processors, 2006 (co-author)

EDA for IC System Design Verification and Testing

Electronic Design Automation for IC System Design, 2006 (co-author)

Engineering the Complex SoC

Engineering the Complex SOC, 2004 (co-author)

The Handbook of Microcomputer Interfacing

The Handbook of Microcomputer Interfacing, 1983 (author)

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