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Magnetic Marketing and Persuasive Communications for High-Technology Companies

I explain complex technical products and services to your customers and prospects

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Steve Leibson
(408) 910-5992

Does your company need to communicate more effectively with prospects and customers?

Most companies lack the time, need some help, or simply do not have the skills they need to translate what they do into language that prospects will understand. They use jargon and imprecise language because they already know exactly what they’re talking about.

I serve as a fresh set of ears, a proxy for your company’s prospects and customers who don’t spend every waking minute thinking about your products or services and therefore lack the understanding and perspective you may think that they have. I’m an engineer, an award-winning technology journalist, and an experienced technology marketer who can  translate corporate speak into ideas,  concepts, and content that match your customer’s needs, wishes, and desires. The result: instant connection, which then generates high interest and willing buyers for your products and services. In other words, I deliver leads. If you need to connect with your target audience, call me at (408) 910-5992.

My most recent corporate blogs were for Xilinx and Intel PSG, the FPGA group at Intel.

Please see my LinkedIn Profile.

Prospective customers are searching for answers. Can your company provide the needed products and services? If so, can your company effectively communicate the value of these products and services and instantly convert interested prospects into willing buyers?

The right communications vehicles that discuss the right ideas using language that customers and prospects understand can convert interested prospects into ravenous buyers.

Other corporate blogs I have written:

EDA360 Insider

EDA360 Insider for Cadence Design Systems (may now be dormant)


Denali Memory Report

Denali Memory Report for Denali Software (may now be dormant)



Agigatech blog for Agigatech, a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor


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